About our Organization:

Nurture Squad is a Georgia-based non-profit organization that seek out young talented high-schoolers with leadership potentials then assist them through college and beyond.  Nurture Squad has differentiated itself from the other organization of similar vision in that we do not only provide grants to students, but also assign dedicated mentors and alumnis that helps to shape, develop, and guide them to attain the great success that is possible only with the right guidance and support.

Just like the name implies, Nurture Squad has carefully selected a team of staff and volunteers that are fully committed to the mission of guiding of students to becoming successful leaders of tomorrow. 

A lot of great talents in the world will go undiscovered without foundation like us that seek out smart students from diverse background, mentor/groom them, and assist them to get to the greatness that they deserve.

Visiting our website means you have found a place where talents are nurtured, and leaders are made.